Storm Over Puget Sound Seattle


Lightning Storm

Storm over Puget Sound

There are many things on the Earth that excite me, and here is one of them, a storm. I posted this for my friends and family in the Midwest who just endured some amazing and powerful weather. I know some of them felt fear and that’s likely healthy, but I never have. Ever since I was a young boy, a storm makes helps me to appreciate beauty and feel most alive!!

Fear Kills Creativity


Happy Dogs!

Consistently while reflecting, I’m surprised how fear can stop us.

killed or seriously handicapped the second worry about what people will
think enters brain function. At that moment all connection with
authentic self and inner belief about beauty fade out allowing fear to
take the wheel. Literally there is no way for us to know what everyone
else will find beautiful. However, we sure can know what we like! Let
your spirit guide you today to create uninhibited sublime beauty!

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Hello world!

Personal Sanctuary

What if you

carried your own personal sanctuary with you all the time? Create it now, simply remember a place that brings you peace, this is where creatives excel, experience it again now. Bring it back anytime you need a respite in your daily walk of life.  My brain holds limitless memory of places and people that bring peace and serenity. One of those spots for me is the Olympic Range pictured here! I’m so grateful!